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A Lighthouse is a Christian who prays for, cares for, and shares Jesus Christ with their neighbors and others in their sphere of influence.  Often, two or more Christians will gather together to pray for their neighbors or coworkers.

For seafarers, a lighthouse is not intended to attract them to itself, but instead a lighthouse is supposed to guide the journeyer to safe harbor. Likewise, the goal of a Christian Lighthouse is not to attract people to themselves, but to guide them to Jesus Christ.

Also, a lighthouse is most valuable during stormy times. When the sea is raging and the ship is tossing and all hope is lost, that is the time when a lighthouse is the most useful to the mariner. Likewise, when the storms of life are threatening our neighbor’s lives—that is when a Christian Lighthouse becomes most valuable to them.

Establishing a Lighthouse consists of three basic elements:

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