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LightShine's Support

Prayer Support

By far, the most important support LightShine receives is the support of those who pray regularly for this ministry, because prayer moves the hand of God. And He alone is the source of all our provision, regardless of the person He chooses to deliver it.

Financial Support

LightShine is a faith-based ministry and has received a 501(c)(3) tax exemption from the Internal Revenue Service. That means that all gifts (but not product purchases) are tax deductible by the donors.  NOTE: Check with your own tax consultants for how this applies to your personal tax situation.

We rely entirely on donations for payroll and for all ministry activities. Donations can be cash, equipment, facilities, vehicles, materials, etc. Our donor base consists almost entirely of individuals who believe in the work God has called us to, and respond to the conviction God places on their heart to help this ministry.

Volunteer Support

There are occasions where LightShine needs help for special events and we have been privileged to have volunteers give of themselves to meet these needs. Thank you again for blessing this ministry with your time and talents!

Join Us!

If you would like to become part of LightShine's support team, whether through prayer or financial support, or as a volunteer, please contact us at 505-293-0743.

May our Heavenly Father reward the sacrifice and faithfulness of all who support this ministry with a hundredfold return on their investments in His eternal kingdom work!

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